About Us


Blockbuster Inc Firewood Processors – From Price to Performance We’re A Cord Above The Rest!


Blockbuster Inc. owner, Tim Batey comes from a long line of loggers and sawmill owners, which enables him to have an extensive knowledge of logging.


Blockbuster Inc. manufactures firewood processors, elevators, and firewood cleaners that are reliable, portable, user-friendly and are low maintenance.


Blockbuster Inc. has been in business for 35 years and has a long list of customers including sawmill owners, logging companies, and individuals like you who are interested in utilizing their low grade logs to produce firewood efficiently.

Our Story

Blockbuster Inc. has been manufacturing firewood processors for 35 years. We currently offer 8 different sizes with a variety of specifications for each firewood processor. We can also customize your machine to help fit your particular needs. We build firewood processors, elevators, cut to length machines, firewood cleaners and log maximizers. We offer these machines as portable, stationary, diesel, gas, electric, right hand or left hand variations. Disability customizing also available. At Blockbuster we put over 30 years of experience and quality workmanship into every piece of equipment we manufacture. All of our equipment is manufactured in Mt. Pleasant, IA and is shipped anywhere in the world.

Facts about our firewood processing machines:

  • Cut four cords per hour with the Blockbuster Model 22-22 firewood processor
  • All Blockbuster Inc. firewood processors are made in the USA
  • All Blockbuster Inc. firewood processors are dependable, portable, and require low maintenance.